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Does it feel like you and your partner are constantly bickering or arguing without resolution? Has your communication completely broken down? Perhaps you don’t trust each other or are struggling with intimacy issues after an affair has been exposed? Or has one of you been concealing debts or an addiction from the other?

While all relationships can sometimes suffer under the increasing pressures of everyday life, ongoing and ignored stresses can leave you feeling exhausted, depressed, desperate and with low self esteem.

When a relationship is at breaking point it can seem as if separation or divorce is your only option, but talking through your problems together with a trained relationship counsellor can help you get to the heart of your conflicts and come to value each other’s beliefs and feelings.




Our closest relationships can provide us with some of life’s greatest happiness and satisfaction… until they start to break down.

As a certified couples therapy, I have seen many couples who have turned to couples counselling and therapy as a means of improving or rescuing their relationships. I can work with you together to help you rebuild your relationship and try to find a common ground.

My aim is not to resolve the issues for you, but to develop your skills so you can resolve the issues yourselves. This will encourage you to talk openly about difficult topics and explore your childhood and family history. By analysing your behavioural patterns and the ways in which you communicate with each other, I can help you see discrepancies in your and your partner’s behaviour and teach you techniques to improve your communication.

Ultimately, I work to support you as a couple to identify patterns and modes of communication and behaviours so you can both take responsibility for your own choices and actions and work out the best way for you to resolve your complications.


During the assessment I will take a brief history from you which covers the issues that you are bringing to counselling, as well as a general history of your relationship. Some questions I might ask are:

  • What issues have you been experiencing in your relationship?
  • How long have these issues been a problem in your relationship?
  • Have you ever been in relationship counselling before?
  • What have you and your partner done to try to resolve these issues?
  • What are your expectations of couples counselling?


Above all, my aim is to give you a safe environment in which you can talk about your relationship issues so you can improve your communication and gain confidence in self-expression as a couple. I can help you discover how to negotiate and compromise with one another so you can discover ways of moving forward – either together or apart.

Take the first step and call me now on on 087 653 8837 to talk.

Siobhan Leijen

Siobhan Leijen

I am a certified professional therapist offering counselling to clients in the Athlone and Longford area. CBT Certified, Degree in Addiction Studies, Diploma in Psychotherapy, Family Therapy Certified, Motivational Interview Certified, Trauma Therapy Certified and EMDR Certified.

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