Learning To Assert Yourself

Here are some tips on keeping up your self esteem and making sure that you assert your true self.


  • Start learning to say no by answering every question with a no first. You can always change it to a yes afterwards.
  • Open your arms out wide and tell yourself that you are a winner.
  • Remember assertion is not aggression. Its simply stating your views and/or feelings.
  • Stand up straight and always hold your head up high.
  • Always look someone in the eyes directly and speak clearly


Everyone has their own personality. Everyone should feel comfortable to express that personality and their views. It is part of our own unique identity.


Siobhan Leijen

Siobhan Leijen

I am a certified professional therapist offering counselling to clients in the Athlone and Longford area. CBT Certified, Degree in Addiction Studies, Diploma in Psychotherapy, Family Therapy Certified, Motivational Interview Certified, Trauma Therapy Certified and EMDR Certified.

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