CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is an evidence based practice best suited to the treatment of anxiety. CBT has some of the highest success rates recorded not only for anxiety but also in Family, Relationship, Work Stressors and general daily living therapy models. As part of my work I feel a big part of what defines our issues is generated by the three simple tenants of CBT – Thinking Feeling and Acting.
By choosing to change one of these three simple examples, we will in turn effect the other two and we will feel, act and think differently. CBT creates an awareness of our thoughts, feelings and actions, giving us the opportunity to catch negative responses before they happen. If we do not have this simple model, and are therefore unaware of our thoughts, feelings and actions, in the long term, we become burnt out, depressed and unable to care for ourselves much less others. If we become aware of how we feel inside, and listen to what our body is telling us, we can spot the early signs of Anxiety, Depression and defuse Stress.

Siobhan Leijen

Siobhan Leijen

I am a certified professional therapist offering counselling to clients in the Athlone and Longford area. CBT Certified, Degree in Addiction Studies, Diploma in Psychotherapy, Family Therapy Certified, Motivational Interview Certified, Trauma Therapy Certified and EMDR Certified.

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