We’ve all come across a dangerous or stressful situation which provoked feelings of panic, anxiety and fear in us. Fortunately, for the majority of us, these feelings are completely natural and do not occur very often. However, for people with anxiety disorders, these feelings occur regularly and can strike at any time, causing significant distress and leaving them feeling extremely frightened, powerless and out of control.

Anxiety can also produce unpleasant side-effects of sweating, tension, panic and avoidance behaviour, and if left untreated can cause wider difficulties in your relationships, at work, and in your general mood levels. If this sounds like your experience, then you should know you are not alone; anxiety is one of the most common reasons that people seek counselling.


bubble-anxietyPsychotherapy and counselling can help you deal with your anxiety by exploring both the root causes of your anxious feelings and the factors that are maintaining your anxiety problems.

There are several conditions for which anxiety is the main symptom including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Hyper-Vigilance, Depression, Dizzy Spells, Tightness in Chest, Unsettled Tummy, Forgetfulness, Disorientation – all of which tend to be focused around specific issues or events.

Alternatively, generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) is an anxiety condition that is characterised by excessive, uncontrollable and non-specific worry.

If you are suffering from several of these symptoms, you may benefit from counselling and psychotherapy to help you manage your anxiety.

I can help you explore the possible causes and triggers of your anxiety – including those created by employment, relationships and past experiences – and work with you to develop more effective coping strategies.I can also help you create a personalised recovery plan to bring about healthy change and teach you techniques and tools that will help you manage stressful
situations in the future.

As you progress on your journey to reduced anxiety, I will help you to keep on track with your goals, providing ongoing emotional back up and helping you identify any potential barriers to self-improvement.

In tailoring the treatment to your needs, I often use a specific approach such as cognitive behavioural therapy, or I may combine several techniques which suit your circumstances more appropriately.

I have helped many people facing these issues and helped them on the path to self-recovery. Call Siobhan now on 087 653 8837 for more information or to book an appointment.

Siobhan Leijen

Siobhan Leijen

I am a certified professional therapist offering counselling to clients in the Athlone and Longford area. CBT Certified, Degree in Addiction Studies, Diploma in Psychotherapy, Family Therapy Certified, Motivational Interview Certified, Trauma Therapy Certified and EMDR Certified.